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Nude Makeup– $50

Wedding Makeup$70 + $10 for false eyelashes

School Ball $60 + $10 for eyelash false eyelashes

Lash Lift – $55

Daria Baranova

Daria Baranova

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Nude Makeup

Nude makeup getting more popular every day, the idea is to use less product, instead of more, to look naturally beautiful.

Shaped eyebrows, contouring, nude colour eyeshadows, mascara, highlighters and a little bit of colour for the lips. 

School Ball

School ball makeup is usually first experience of doing professional makeup and hairstyle. It has to be simply beautiful. Very important to match makeup with ball outfit. 

Wedding Makeup

Wedding makeup: There are no rules anymore; you can wear whatever style of bridal makeup that you want. There are a number of different bridal makeup styles; it’s just a matter of choosing the right one for you. A classic look for weddings is light and natural. Keeping it simple is the key to this style. On the other end of the spectrum is dark and sultry. This style involves the use of dark colours in contrast with rich shades. Let the professionals help you decide which style compliments you the best.

Get your bridal makeup professionally done on your wedding day and stay beautiful all day.

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